Digital art of the future explained.

We live in a very digital world and that includes art. We are here to help explain what it all means; focusing mainly on NFTs and on AI (Artificial Intelligence) Art.

Over this last year NFTs have surged in popularity and things have gotten more complicated. 

An NFT — short for non-fungible token — essentially  allows its buyer to say that they own the original copy of a digital file, in the same way you might own the original copy of a piece of physical art or the master file of a music recording.

AI-Generated art has made a big splash in the art world in recent years and it is only getting bigger and better! In just one year, AI has developed so much. It's evolving into something rather amazing.

Some artists in 2022 have raised concerns about the impact AI art could have on their ability to earn money, particularly if AI art is used to replace artists working in illustration and design.

As you are learning more about digital art it is important to remember that creativity comes from the mind, not the hands.

NFT: ​The Basics

NFT Video Explainer

Johnny is one of the best at explaining complex issues in relatable ways. He explains NFTs in this video. "Finally someone who is willing to teach us younger guys instead of pushing some bs course on us. Appreciate it" - lamaris (YouTube)

AI -Generated Art

AI art refers to  art generated with the assistance of artificial intelligence. AI is a field of computer science that focuses on building machines that mimic human intelligence or even simulate the human brain through a set of algorithms.

AI Art : What Is It All About